“The idea for the concept came to me when I was in Paris and visited Louvre. This song was already finished a year ago, but we struggled very long with finding the right visuals and I normally never release anything unless I have a defining visual for it. I want people to see what I feel you know..”

Track produced by Stereoryze
Video produced by Anna-Lisa Himma and directed by Tommy Cash, made in collaboration with Widescreen Studios and Frost FX.

..on other stuff

Tommy just finished his first European tour with 10 cities and will go on to a Russian tour on August 12th. A mixtape is said to be released in the near future, but as it goes, he also claims that he is an independent artist and can release stuff whenever the fuck he feels like it.

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  1. Tommy , big up best music video this year by far. Greetings from Dijon

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