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Like all great contemporary stories, this one begins with cocaine. Let’s take a look at the highs and the withdrawals we’ve been through, together. It should be noted, that the following is just a small part of NIHILIST.FM. This free, uncensored publishing platform has got loads of stories, loads of authors, it’d be impossible to mention them all. Enjoy.

  • JUNE 2014:  
“Waiting for the miracle II” by Lilian Marie Merila
  • JULY 2014
  • AUGUST 2014
    • NIHILIST.FM receives letters from a man serving a prison term, who has taken up gardening to help him pass the time. The first 2 letters are published in August. His letters continue under the pseudonym Ruhtinas Innu.
    • 27 posts touching matters such as theatre, bitcoins and love.
“Photo interview with Triin Tasuja” by Lilian Marie Merila
  • SEPTEMBER 2014
“Mida sa mulle rääkida ei saa?” by Lilian Marie Merila
  • OCTOBER 2014
    • Tõnis Haavel starts writing “Kohtumõistmise raamat,” publishing chapters on NIHILIST.FM, where he talks about his prosecution, which turns out to be analogous to Kafka’s “Trial.”
“Korterihäng” by Lilian Marie Merila
  • NOVEMBER 2014
    • Rasmus Rask writes an article called “Teeme kokkuleppe, riik,” in which he calls upon the state to do something about the alcohol problem of Estonia, and the marketing of alcohol, beginning with cold hard facts – that according to data, it is likely, that his 11 year old son will have his first alcoholic drink when two years passes. The post was shared nearly 9000 times on various social media platforms and opened up public debate about the issue.
    • A piece of writing named “Tavaline sügisõhtu,” is published, authored by an .FM user called “HAPKOMAH.” He is addicted to fentanyl, the killer drug that is loose on the streets of Tallinn, Estonias capital and in his first piece he wrote about how his regular day looks like – waking up, withdrawal already set in, rushing out to score, falling asleep again. A vicious circle. In his next post he starts telling his story of how he became an addict.
“Watch over me. Pelugulinn.” by Lilian Marie Merila
  • DECEMBER 2014
    • Abominatsiooni Jünger writes his first post called “Tagasi kappi, peded!” Bringing us totally new attitude whilst talking about gay things, he’s the most bad ass of all bad asses.
    • Pajula vs Lobjakas. Alien vs Predator. Correspondence between Pajula and Lobjakas, on the topic of Estonias partnership law. Shots are fired, bombs are dropped, making these letters a pleasurable and educational read.
    • By the end of the year, NIHILIST.FM has published 655 posts by nearly 100 authors, the spectrum is wide, poetry, politics, editorials, philosophy, journalism, fiction and much more.
“ДЕВОЧКА, ПОШЛИ” by Lilian Marie Merila
  • JANUARY 2015
Unvalentinipäev 12” by Marianne Ubaleht
  • FEBRUARY 2015

  • MARCH 2015
    • Elver Loho sets the circumstances of Hardo Aasmäe’s death under question, which in the present, are still unclear. The police did not open a investigation, where a healthy man fell three floors over a guard rail, accompanied by a then unknown man, later found out to be Indrek Meltsas, who’s testimony the police took as pure gold. What makes this case even more peculiar, is the fact, that Meltsas himself commented on the post, saying the police found him to be not guilty, instead of commenting something humane, like “I am sorry that this happened and I feel for Hardo’s closed ones.
“Some velvet morning” by Lilian Marie Merila
  • APRIL 2015
    • NIHILIST.FM has grown. 1479 posts published in the first four months of 2015, bringing the total to 2144 posts.
Kaua ma ootan…” by Marianne Ubaleht
  • MAY 2015
    • Mudlum publishes a post called “Sa kasvatasid sõbra,” where she talks about children and parenting and to tell you the truth, it’s a very good read.
    • An author using the pen name “dumbuser” writes his first post called “Lihtsa inimese politiiline monoloog,” a sharp piece on the current state of Estonian politics. He has continued to write wittty, thought-provoking pieces to this day.
“The cigarette date” by Lilian Marie Merila
  • JUNE 2015
    • Siim Sinamäe reports on the case of Otto de Voogd, who got caught in the claws of the Financial Intelligence Unit for exchanging bitcoins. When the proceedings began, neither the FIU or any other government agency had published instructions on how to deal with bitcoins. The FIU has stopped fucking with Otto as of recently.
    • NIHILIST.FM has it’s first birthday. Fuck yeah!
    • Our lady-“jeesus” writes a post titled “MINA OLENGI,” that is 120% poetry, only to never be heard from again.

  • JULY 2015
    • Sandra Niinepuu writes an eye-opening piece called “Coding – not for everyone,” in which she details her experiences learning IT, which is mostly marketed as a fun, money-making experience. It’s not like that.
    • Tarmo Jüristo publishes a post where he compares Estonias song party to the work of Leni Riefestahl, an artist of Nazi Germany: Kurja juur.
    • NIHILIST.FM holds a protest in support of Greece, against austerity. It takes place near the ruins of Estonias Ministry of Finance, being currently rebuilt using pretty much the same project that it was first built with. Why? Probably because where there’s money to be laundered, there is also a way for it.
    • Hardo Pajula publishes the “Short story of drug diplomacy,” a thorough 21-page essay, that takes about two hours to get through, but gives you solid knowledge for the rest of your life.
    • NIHILIST.FM receives a notification from Google that someone has asked google to remove the article posted in January by the anonymous author, who said that Gerrit Mäesalu is Saskia Kask’s husband, from Google’s search.
NÄLG” by Marianne Ubaleht
  • AUGUST 2015
    • Siim Kallas, a former prime minister of Estonia, writes an article to Estonian Ekspress where he gives his calculations on how Greece could be self-sufficient in his economy. The calculations are false, and the only portal that fixes them, is NIHILIST.FM, thanks to the anonymous author Ilja.
    • #UNTITLEDXII CYPHER, the most watched Estonian poetry video ever, is published – at the moment, it has nearly 100 000 views.

  • SEPTEMBER 2015
    • It usually takes 30 days to answer someones request for information, when its asked from the state apparatus, remember Jüri, yeah? The prosecutor still hasn’t given an answer.
Laske elada. Marianne Ubaleht
Laske elada. Marianne Ubaleht
  • OCTOBER 2015
    • After many hurdles, all the signatures needed to submit the petition are collected. Kaur submits the petition to Eiki Nestor, chairman of riigikogu. You can read about it in the article called “There’s no hope in T.
New 3
“New romance” by Lilian Marie Merila
  • NOVEMBER 2015
    • Translation of Mark Ames’ “Neocons 2.0: The problem with Peter Pomarentsev. It’s the first knockout punch published in Estonian that hits Ed Lucas and the neocon bullshit he’s leading in Estonia right in the face. Fuck that guy.
    • Otto de Voogd mocks e-Estonia in a hilarious piece called “Unicorns, e-Apples and oranges,” to quote: “Ah, but I hear you say, there could be local unicorns, just look at Transferwise, you fucker! Right, you mean that startup by two Estonians who wasted no time to get the fuck out and operate from London instead, where it is regulated under UK law?”

  • DECEMBER 2015
    • Due to the fact that a lot of school children are subjected to random drug tests, we asked lawyers if it is legal to test children for drugs, because drug testing is usually done on people who are suspected of being intoxicated. So it’s illegal unless your kid is grinding his teeth like its 1992 in a London jungle rave.
    • A young man details his tinder experiences, on how he thought he was going on a date with a girl, but a she turned out to be a he. Many thoughts and prayers were sent towards the young man, and people were reminded not to base their opinions off pictures.
Unwanted” by Marianne Ubaleht
  • JANUARY 2016
    • A bombshell of a story is dropped, researched and written by two aspiring journalists, telling the story of Andres Graf. A man with failed kidneys, forced to undergo dialysis two to three times a week. Suffering from anxiety and depression, and disillusioned with prescription sedatives and anti-depressants, he finds out that smoking cannabis alleviates his anxiety and depression, and makes his life more bearable. Because the quality of cannabis varies wildly on the streets, he decides to grow his own, but doing so, he catches the eye of the authorities. His doctor laughed at the idea, of medical cannabis, and the authorities laughed at him when he said what his purpose for growing was. A fatally ill man, with his life to lose, finally got a prescription from a German doctor. After a long trip, Andres finally made it home, but died shortly after, as the trip was long and he had missed some dialysis procedures.
    • HAPKOMAH’s book, “How I became HAPKOMAH,” is published, where he talks about his addiction, quickly taking the #1 spot in Estonian book sales.
“Madlõust” by Lilian Marie Merila
  • FEBRUARY 2016
    • Mart Kalvet and Siim Tuisk, representing “Laske elada,” meet with Riigikogus Law Enforcement Commision, discussing the shortcomings of Estonias drug policies.
11 S
“Suvila high” by Lilian Marie Merila
  • MARCH 2016
    • An anonymous author details their experiences interning for Tallinn’s ambulance services. Hilarity and despair ensue, as we find out that that the three most common causes for calling out an ambulance are: 1) old people complaining about their blood pressure, 2) parents who are scared of their little children because of a fewer and 3) drunk people sleeping on the road. Such is life, we guess.
    • Siim Veskimees starts publishing a multi-part series of fiction, titled “How to do IT,” where we find out whats’s it like being in the IT-department of one of the biggest state institutions.
“MЯУ, КИСС МИ” by Lilian Marie Merila
  • APRIL 2016
    • Kaur releases a re-print of his novel “Check Out,” the following video is from his book presentation. The poet Andrus Elbing is reading Vladimir Majakovskis poetry to a hip hop instrumental.

I’ts been a wild fucking ride and it’s going to get even more wild. We’re gonna be two years old soon, and we are constantly improving our ways of fucking shit up. What started out with 14 posts in June 2014, has grown to 4251 published posts, right here, right now. NIHILIST.FM designed, programmed and kept running by Randel Uibo from day one. Big up everybody. This is the story so far.

Mankind, we loved you — be vigilant.




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