imitate various objects


poetry, poetry in a rotary club, notoriously rotating the rioting police king. in times of woe stare up at the moon, it has always been of great help to werewolves and the elderly. which one are you? do ypu have the coupons or just your wallet? i have gone entirely digital, abandoning my two children and their phones. they now have unlimited access to success at recess. highly motivated, low income tide reaches the beaches and forgets what it teaches to the sleepers with the leeches. rhyme unto me and be saved, taught the prophet. his beard was full of bits of spit and sand, but his eyes rung true. we will all be scavengers soon, cancel all subs for a partial refund, leave your door unlocked and windows in safe mode. there will be no fires to put out, they’ve lost their energy and will due to the failure of the electric. bill.

i slept through the whole speech, then the meeting and finally the ending. when i awoke the hall was empty again, except some unknown force had moved the chairs. wait a minute, the milk will sour and the cow will cite the law. stop the watch, someone has to do it. clouds look different today but the sky is the same. old proverbs forming in chinese food that has been in the fridge unopened for exactly two days. my car will be ind-powered, meaning it will have superpowers. people from all over the earth will come to talk to it but it will ignore them in profound, dignified silence. martin scorcese will be stabbed in the abdomen by a korean man exiting a mall. why always the mall? because the things that rhyme the easiest induce negative feelings the easiest of ways.

an anthill is a symbol of anxiety but violence is the supersymbol of powerlessness. this was said to me by my grandfather, and his farther. he did not go very far, just to the bedroom and then he died. but i lived, no? and the ants, who can forget them? my anxiety can’t, making me rant but breaking the cycle is a wonderful thing. go to the beach instead of going insane, when drunk stay off the opposite lane. never leave the house but observe people leaving the planet through a tv screen. imitate various objects in the state of decay, start the right way off your day. several balloons escaped to the stratosphere today, i said that already. were you not at the meeting? of course, you were asleep and you sow what you reap. watch your step, watch your head, bullet holes are full of lead. this warrants further investigation, but the authority we possess comes from no earthly authority. consult the paralyzed palm reader, she is wise and in a coma and still she speaks the truth. i hope scorcese will escape with minor injuries.

raising corn is healthy, no two ways about it. eating it is another matter, which the scientists are tying to figure out through machines and seminars. flu and pox got together to form a movement, antibiotics turned out to be nothing but gang raping baboons in a jungle full of neanderthals. the sickness causes cancer, which causes the dancer to become the one to bring happiness to some. boredom to others, which sounds like a river inhabiting mammal that likes wood. it is not the strangest thing to like in this world, which is just a single world in the midst of many ot-hers. this is my only suitcase, but my passport is in good hands. let me board up the plane, i hate what i see when i look in at the passengers. thank you but not you. you especially have many times conspired with meteors, comets and wildfires to steal away my oxygen, a cowardly act that totally lacks tact.

the coffee is ready, but for what? i don’t even have a coffee machine. soon these words will be purged from my mind and you shall inherit the earth. i will keep the moon, and the coupons. several feet underground there are rocks, it will be meaningless to dig them out. utterly, utterly devoid of meaning. never do anything out of hunger, never read a book with your eyes closed and always take a piss exactly where you feel like it. remember: you are the dominant species on the earth and you will win against all opponents, huge or small. over and out, sixty-nine the route, brutus was a brute and this will not be cute.

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