Jou tüübid
Jou tolerants
Jou maksmata üürid n fuck da mucnh
Jou dieedid ja joomine-teeb-saledaks
Jou eksid n fuck our hugs
Yo neegrid n fuck da munch
Jou viha and SUCK IT, ants
Jou riimid
Fuck the fake feeling
We are one just cause you were also breathing in
Fuck deep fck triple and fuck promoting fucking criples in NipTuck
Fuck learning cause they used your hunch
Fuck our parents for being paranoid cause they don’t know our thugs
Suck it aiming
Suck it playing football when the finals sucked so badly I wish I was playin’
Fuck my hate and knowing that just for cursing most of you hate me
Fuck my English usage
Fuck my no-good-ever-gets-done-vocabulary-usage
Love the cycle
Love the blue things
The clouds and the sky
Love the feeling right now
But it takes like seconds to pass by
And later yo like: whe-wha

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