for all intents and purposes


With the porridge having been left to cool down and the clock striking midnight, it seems that our verbal menage-a-trois has come to it’s abrupt end – your shoes smiling at one another and my moustache being carried away by them.

The stains on my trousers are insofar removed from reality come the moment of acknowledgement and the sight of light bearing it’s course full force up and away meeting the brick wall from which our gardener used to hang


The deeds of future past its expiration date, whomever it may please, we salute you, please bring your own utensils and lack of care, Loch Ness. What they lacked in understanding they made up in making up stories about being under outstanding debt. For all intents and purposes, man as the measure of all things did not seem able to write up a short guide for the atoms which guide movement and the movement which guides the atoms, so after thinking for a short while, he settled on the “telenovela.”

The novela as the thing in itself, always expanding, never stopping, Kant is rolling around in his grave while Kaliningrad receives its first shipment of cube shaped watermelons. The tele stands for the  shortened form of causa finalis, for all intents and purposes, our cube shaped zeitgeist which has managed to involve eternity in evolving to the simple form of a screen.

We do not touch the matters concerning matter and anti-matter, rarely do we touch each other at all. Square is the root of all things, all circular objects are mere illusions, perversions of the square. In secret we desire the simple form of a screen filled with the telenovela.

Kant stops rolling once it is discovered that the shipment of watermelons has gone off. Past its expiration date. Do not bring your own utensils, Loch Ness, Kaliningrad has got you covered. nobody shall weep for the zeitgeist, as the only thing that remains after the telenovela is a desert which not even our greatest diplomats could reconcile with.

Do not forget to guide your atoms.

You should not swim, for the water is too cold, and when the water gets even colder, we will not call it water any more. Using your left hand hold up your right leg and quickly call out seven things which you did not know about the heart inside humans  (inhumane) before reading this article. Can you name anything else that loses its name once it gets colder, besides water?

If you think that you are a Furby unlike any other Furby then keep in mind that everybody has that piece of tempered glass from which they look out into the world and through which the world looks into them. Also, remember that some such objects consist of two such objects, effectively doubling the results. The implications of this for the viewer are not known, but the words “safety” and “well-being” are often thrown around during the bi-weekly morning meetings.

When during one of such meetings you should find yourself looking out into the street you may well think that from all the people catching your eye, the beggar is the worst one off. Yet, throwing him a second glance, you’ll soon realize that everybody else except the beggar is worse off. His bankruptcy is the result of everybody else turning a profit. He took one for the team. The beggars’ sins are absolved from the first “spare any change?” uttered through a wind-proof jacket, through a fool-proof mouth. What they lacked in understanding, you see.

As the clock strikes zero we rarely are aware of the things which make us who we are today, fearing the imminent fall into thought-terminating cliches this is all that will be said and left to echo on the simple form of a screen. As we wave at the gardener telling each individual that no one brings a child into the world thinking that they would be beggars, we also tell each other that they will be.

For all intents and purposes, should you ever forget to guide your atoms, you shall find help in the simple form of a screen tailored specifically for your late night pleasure and whilst keeping that in mind we are proud to present to you our latest production.

Unfortunately, it no longer has a name.

All sales final.

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