Ich bin May, ein Estnishes mädel who went to concert in Lucerne, Switzerland where Illmatic and Sicknature performed. I want to invite You to perform in Estonia. We here are hip-hop freaks like no other I have met in Europe and would welcome You big time! What would be the price and the conditions? 



so finally i got time to write u. we are totally down to perform. usually our fee starts from 800 euros but we know sometimes its different
for smaller show.
most important is what date are we looking at…
lets stay in touch and figure it out.




Oh man, if I would have words to describe my satisfaction… then probably I would not love rap so much haha. Wrote to Tommyboy. He is also not the fastest person on the planet. 

In the meantime:


Yo German I am Estonian so if Swiss use 3 then we (probably) use 2 spoons

If others say "compromise" I say "too soon"

If others say "price too high" I say "screw you"

If others say "lines too high" I ironise and say "Oh really?? Who knew.."

If others pray I do too but not talk about it – still the same truth


I like snow and I like spoons

I like rap and egos that did not get "the boost"


Hello again!

Where do You reside on the daily bases?"


"hey i live in germany like close to stuttgart to be exact. 
lets def do this"


"Hell yeah! I will write the guy right away! He is REALLY slow….


I decided to organise the event through and with my own homies and their money but it may take some time.



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